My sister-in-law works in a garment factory. She only spends more than 100 yuan a month. Sometimes, the profit in the factory is not good, and she uses the overstocked inferior clothes as her salary. At that time, I was in junior high school and had to spend at least thirty or forty yuan a month. My sister-in-law never waited for me to ask for money. She always asked me, "Xiao Ming, is there no money?" He put money in my pocket and said, "save some flowers, but you can't save when you need them. You're growing up and eating more." I have a special notebook, which records the money my sister-in-law gives me every time, the date and the number are clear. I think, when I grow up and earn money, I must repay my sister-in-law's kindness in raising. Before the high school entrance examination, I said to my sister-in-law, "sister-in-law, I entered the secondary school, and I can come out earlier to work." My sister-in-law listened and looked at me angrily. "How can you do this? You are going to go to college in the future. No, I have to change it. " The next day, my sister-in-law involuntarily led me to find my teacher, but changed my wish. I successfully got into the key high school in the county. My sister-in-law learned the news and made a rich dinner to celebrate, "Xiao Ming, study hard and fight for breath for my sister-in-law." My sister-in-law spoke easily, and I listened heavily. The next day, my sister-in-law came back with red and swollen eyes. I asked her what happened? My sister-in-law said hoarsely. It's OK. I just let the sand into my eyes. Finish saying quickly to fetch water to wash face. The third day her younger brother came to mock her, and I knew that her sister-in-law was to raise tuition for me, to borrow money from her mother's family, and was driven out by her mother's family.